Dr. Victor Ng

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Dr. Victor Ng is currently a Senior Vice President and Division Head of Banking Administration of of a global top 5 banks He is responsible to oversee the strategic initiatives like M&As, integrations and branch network expansion of the Bank. Since September 2006, Dr. Ng was appointed as the Executive to oversee the merger and acquisitions for a few banks and financial institutions. Subsequent to closing of the respective M&A deals, Dr. Ng assumed the Integration Executive role to integrate these individual corporations into one giant consolidated entity.

Dr. Ng started his career in banking as a Management Trainee in Sun Hong Kai Bank Ltd in 1981 (currently known as Fubon Bank (HK) Ltd). In October 1987, he joined “Security Pacific Asian Bank”, the predecessor to Bank of America (Asia) Bank as the Business Development Manager while being appointed as Head of the Consumer Business Center, the BA Tower Banking Center and the Centralized Consumer Credit Processing Department. Dr. Ng was also Residential Mortgage Product Manager and Mortgage Securitization Manager of the Bank.

Dr. Ng graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and Master of Business Administration from the University of East Asia in Macau. He is also a professional graduate of Retail Bank Management of USA Consumer Bankers Association’s Graduate School at the University of Virginia, USA. Dr. Ng obtained his DBA with distinction Honor and was bestowed the Scholastic Award in 2013. Currently, he is an adjunct professor of a local University in Hong Kong teaching Part-time Master programs in China.

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